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Community Comes Together to Help Georgia Veteran

Roofing professionals, a nonprofit and a newscast team collaborate to donate a new roof to a veteran.

United States veteran, Elaine Tyler, was used to catching rain in buckets. Depending on the severity of the weather, Tyler would line up buckets in her house under particularly damaged spots and do battle with the rain. However, as the water damage grew worse and spread beyond Tyler’s kitchen, she realized how distressing her situation was becoming, “Because I’ve been needing a roof for such a long time, it has affected the ceilings and the walls of each one of the rooms,” said Tyler.

To make matters worse, a leaky refrigerator aided in the water damage done to her floors. Tyler was also diagnosed with arthritis in both her knees and legs, making it more difficult to do everyday tasks let alone home repairs.

Due to financial reasons, Tyler has been unable to fix these major and minor issues present on her roof and in her home. Tyler then reached out to CBS46 for help. They contacted the nonprofit Rebuilding Together Atlanta who agreed to perform most of the repairs.

“If these problems go unaddressed, they only get worse. So, the sooner we can tackle this the better," said Michael Hicks with Rebuilding Together Atlanta. However, because Tyler’s home is not located within the city of Atlanta, but is instead located in unincorporated DeKalb, her location disqualified her from receiving all of the care that Rebuilding Together Atlanta could otherwise provide.

CBS46 and their current program, Fighting For Our Vets did not stop there and neither did Tyler nor Rebuilding Together Atlanta. CBS46 continued their outreach by extending Tyler’s story to the community, which you can watch here.

Their combined efforts, as well as Tyler’s story, were able to secure the attention of the Roofing Alliance who reached out to Bone Dry Roofing, Atlas Roofing - Shingles and Commercial Roofing Specialties Inc. With Bone Dry Roofing performing the repairs, Atlas Roofing and Commercial Roofing Specialties providing the materials, they were able to rebuild Tyler’s home. “We would like to thank Ms. Tyler for her service to our country,” said Bone Dry Roofing, “It was truly an honor.”

The Roofing Alliance and their members have been devoted since 1996 to the advancement of the roofing industry. The organization focuses on four key pillars: workforce and training, advancing education, technology/research, and philanthropy.

“We are so blessed that your members stepped up to make a difference,” said Mike Orum, an executive leader at Rebuilding Together Atlanta, “Thank you again for partnering with us on this opportunity.”

With the help of the Roofing Alliance, Bone Dry Roofing, Atlas Roofing and Commercial Roofing Specialties, a very deserving person was able to once again inhabit a healthy and safe house. “For the first time in three years,” said Tyler, “I don’t have to sleep with a bucket in my bedroom to catch the rain from the leaky roof.”

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