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Board of Trustees

The volunteer leadership of the Roofing Alliance comprises dedicated, respected roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors; their combined commitment to the Roofing Alliance continues to attract support from their peers and the entire roofing industry.

  • Reed Gooding


    Reed Gooding

    GSM Roofing

  • Greg Hudson

    Vice President

    Greg Hudson

    Georgia Pacific Gypsum

  • Jason Dark


    Jason Dark

    Duro-Last Inc.

  • Greg Bloom

    Immediate Former President

    Greg Bloom

    Beacon Building Products

  • Paige Harvill

    Paige Harvill

    Nations Roof

  • Scott Keith

    Scott Keith

    Jobba Trade Technologies

  • Michael Kruger

    Michael Kruger

    L.E. Schwartz & Son Inc.

  • Daryl Maronic

    Daryl Maronic

    Dataforma Inc.

  • Sherri Miles

    Sherri Miles

    J.D. Miles and Sons Inc.

  • Bob Morgan

    Bob Morgan

    Upstate Roofing & Painting

  • Bob Pringle

    Bob Pringle

    Evans Roofing Co. Inc.

  • Craig Rainey

    Craig Rainey

    Supreme Roofing

  • Natalia Rizzatti

    Natalia Rizzatti

    Al Weather Insulated Panels

  • Jason Stanley

    Jason Stanley

    IB Roof Systems

  • Kyle Thomas

    Kyle Thomas

    Thomas Roofing

  • Daniel Tinker

    Daniel Tinker

    SRS Distribution Inc.