Roofing Technology and Innovation

The Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is a membership-based organization that consists of skilled and knowledgeable contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and roofing professionals that are committed to the advancement of the roofing industry. Since its inception in 1996 within the National Roofing Foundation (NRF), the Roofing Alliance has become a proud industry leader by providing funding for training and education initiatives, providing charitable gifts and donations, and funding research projects and programs that embrace roofing innovation.

Shaping the Future with Roofing Technology and Roofing Innovation

The members of the Roofing Alliance have invested over $5.9 million dollars and countless hours into projects that promote technology, education and research initiatives. Partnering with several distinguished universities and nationally recognized organizations, the Roofing Alliance has funded and participated in projects that address the following issues:

  • Building for the Future: The Roofing Alliance embraces innovation and is a leader in researching and developing advancements in high-performance roofing systems.
  • Sustainable Designs: The roof systems that will be built in the future must be dependable and long-lasting. Past studies conducted involved evaluating roofing performance under high-wind conditions and a research study that focused on moisture release and drying characteristics of concrete roof decks.
  • Safety and Workforce Studies: Workforce productivity and safety are two paramount issues in roofing. The Roofing Alliance funded a national research study that assessed employee satisfaction in the industry through a comprehensive evaluation process. The Roofing Alliance also recently provided funding for a research study that analyzes air monitoring in work areas and the dangers of silica exposure.

Preparing for the Future

Along with funding efforts for research projects, the Roofing Alliance has also funded several educational programs, training initiatives, and roofing-related events that were all established to promote advancement in the industry. Here are some ways that Roofing Alliance members fund projects to help prepare the next generation of roofing professionals:

  • Student Programs: From providing scholarship opportunities for educational degrees in construction management professions to providing lectures, workshops, and oversight of curriculum at distinguished universities, the Roofing Alliance is dedicated to mentoring students and ensuring they are knowledgeable in the latest roofing technologies and building practices.
  • Training Programs: Partnering with national roofing affiliations, the Roofing Alliance’s long-term goal is to attract students to opportunities in the roofing industry.
  • Events: Members of the Roofing Alliance meet twice a year to hear updates on the status of current projects/programs they’ve funded and to analyze and select new projects that focus on the most recent roofing trends and technologies. Members are encouraged to serve on committees and task forces created to address critical issues in the industry.

Membership opportunities with the Roofing Alliance are available to all roofing professionals. For more information on our organization’s objectives or how you can make a commitment to the Roofing Alliance, please contact us today.