How to become a member

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress brings together leading contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who share a common commitment to secure the future excellence of the roofing industry. Together, Alliance members have committed more than $13 million to fund key industry education, training and research programs.

Members of the Alliance meet twice a year to oversee existing projects and consider new projects that address critical industry issues.

Work force issues

A core concern for the roofing industry — one that has been widely discussed and documented — is the likelihood it will face shortages of workers in virtually all areas of responsibility. For a variety of reasons, the most likely critical shortage is the entry-level roof mechanic. The population is aging; wage differentials are narrowing; roofing often is seen as a career of last choice; and the traditional construction industry work force has changed fundamentally.

In addition, most roofing contractors report they have difficulty finding and keeping qualified supervisors, project managers and truck drivers.

The Alliance has funded a number of crucial initiatives aimed at developing long-term solutions for this growing problem.

Enhancing industry partnerships

Funding from the Alliance is helping cement existing relationships within the roofing industry and develop and foster relationships with important academic, research and government institutions.

Providing important information

Like many industries, the roofing industry is undergoing unrelenting change. Business owners need to have the right information to make intelligent decisions. The Alliance believes it is crucial not only to be a good source of information, but also to commission and fund studies to develop new information to help the industry prepare for the future.

Communicating to diverse audiences

The Alliance understands the importance of communicating with its internal and external audiences. The external audience is increasingly complex. It includes building owners, designers, consultants, education and research bodies, and government agencies. All have a stake in the roofing industry; all stand to benefit from improved roofing industry practices.

The financial objective

The Alliance has established a permanent endowment fund to sponsor projects that support the objectives of the National Roofing Foundation (NRF) and contribute to the long-term success of the roofing industry.

Through its first 21 years of existence, the Alliance has secured more than $13 million in commitments, and has an investment policy intended to ensure the fund remains inviolate. The Alliance fund is carefully and professionally managed and invested to generate annual income and ensure the steady growth of the non-invadable endowment corpus.

The original goal of the Alliance was to have a permanent endowment fund of not less than $6 million, after allocating $1 million to initial project work. That goal has been met and the fund balance at the end of 2017 stands at about $9.5 million.

The leadership of the Alliance has established a new goal of having a permanent fund of not less than $12 million, to ensure that important and much-needed new programs can be funded to benefit the industry and its customers.

Distinguished opportunities for leadership investment

The leadership of the Alliance includes three primary components of the industry: roofing contractors, roofing material and equipment manufacturers, and distributors. Their combined commitment has attracted support from their peers and the roofing community.

Individuals and corporations can become part of the Alliance in a number of ways. Commitments to the Alliance may be pledged over a three- to five-year period; public recognition, in accordance with the donor's wishes and the level of commitment, is as follows:

Visionary Founder $1,000,000
Founder $500,000
Guarantor $250,000
Regent $100,000
Governor $50,000

Service providers:

Less than $10 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $50,000
$10 - $30 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $75,000
More than $30 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $100,000

Local distributors or suppliers:

Less than $15 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $50,000
$15 - $35 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $75,000
More than $30 million in annual sales contributing a minimum of $100,000

Supporting membership categories:

(Note: While benefits for these categories differ from those of the full membership levels, we believe that being included in the Alliance member listing and supporting important Alliance projects provides a valuable opportunity for medium and smaller-sized contractors who wish to participate.)

Platinum $25,000
Gold $15,000
Silver $10,000

Contributors are recognized in NRF's annual publication of the Foundation and receive appropriate personalized recognition.

Major investors in the Alliance for all categories except for the three supporting categories (defined as contractors who commit at least $50,000 and manufacturers or suppliers who commit at least $100,000) are accorded national public acknowledgement at NRCA's annual convention and other special events and programs. These Alliance members are invited to participate in the project task forces established to guide the Alliance's agenda, and are invited to the semi-annual meetings of the full Alliance.

In addition, Alliance investor companies are encouraged to promote their involvement with the Alliance. Following is a sample of text Alliance members can use in their promotions:

XYZ Company is a proud sponsor of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, the roofing industry's initiative to enhance and strengthen the quality and standards of products and services.

The Alliance in action

The roofing industry benefits from the unique purpose and structure of the Alliance. Meeting at least twice annually, the Alliance provides major investors with a real and meaningful voice in the selection and implementation of programs designed to advance the industry.

Specifically, the Alliance solicits, analyzes and selects projects consistent with its mission and identifies new programs and initiatives for the future. Each Alliance task force identifies and weighs the value of projects — calling upon the advice, experiences and expertise of all members of the industry.

The Alliance has a special covenant with the roofing industry. The Alliance will work to create an atmosphere to:
  • Support the highest quality programs for the industry
  • Ensure timely and forward-thinking industry responses to major economic and technological issues
  • Initiate programs of outstanding benefit to the industry
  • Enhance the long-term viability of the industry
The program and service expansion made possible by The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress offers a unique opportunity for dedicated individuals and corporations to make investments now to secure the future strength and excellence of one of the United States' key industries. Participation in this effort has never been more important.

To become a member of this elite group:

Bennett Judson, Executive Director
The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress
10255 W. Higgins, Suite 600
Rosemont, IL 60018-5607
Telephone: (800) 323-9545, Ext. 7513
Fax: (847) 493-7959

Or prepare a letter of intent (as follows) on your firm's letterhead and send it to the Alliance.

Letter of intent


Mr. Rod Petrick
Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress
National Roofing Foundation
10255 W. Higgins Road, Suite 600
Rosemont, IL 60018-5607

Dear Mr. President:

In consideration of the commitments of others and for the programs specified and outlined in the information shown here, I/we make the following financial commitment:

TOTAL COMMITMENT: $ _________________ to be paid as follows:

$__________________ paid herewith

$__________________ to paid in _____ installments on an annual/semi-annual/quarterly/monthly (select one) basis starting on __________. (insert date)

This endowment commitment is made to support The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress. The money generated may be used by the Alliance in support of its important programs for the roofing industry.

I/we believe firmly that the Alliance's work is critical to the growth and development of our industry and offer wholehearted support for The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress.


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