Construction Management Partnerships

The Alliance is excited to be working with some of the top U.S. construction management academic programs to lay groundwork and develop a partnership. The goal of this partnership is to enhance students' experiences by exposing them academically and experientially to roofing as a potential career choice.

This partnership is beginning with three well-known construction management programs: The Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University; the McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn University and the M.E. Rinker Sr. School of Building Construction at the University of Florida.

The group is advancing roofing as a career option through a three-pronged approach:

  1. Integrating information about the roofing industry into construction management curricula
  2. Developing a roofing industry internship program
  3. Establishing scholarships for construction management students and faculty
Currently, Construction Management Partnership site is broken into four main sections. These sections include information about student competitions, available curriculum, internships and scholarships.

Student Competitions

Students are presented with a problem statement and asked to bid on installing a roof system.


A small group of roofing industry representatives will work with construction management faculty. The objective of this group is to incorporate roofing-related information into existing courses with a longer-term objective to determine whether it's viable to create a stand-alone roofing course.


Internship programs vary by university; some are mandatory while others are simply encouraged.  Some may last only one or two summers and others as long as six months. Several possibilities are being explored.


Scholarships will be established for students based on developing criteria.


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